September's miracles have been soooo good.

Wow! What a day. As painful as this week has been it was also full of incredible miracles. Today I sent a testy voicemail to a company that I believed had dropped the ball in a business matter. When the owner called back she politely checked me-lol- then explained that she always keeps receipts and would not get off the phone until I checked my email to see what she had sent-4 days ago! I did, and she had, and with egg on my face I apologized and explained that if she knew how pressed I was for money she'd be like, "gurl, why didn't you call me yesterday!". We both laughed. I thanked her for all she'd done and hung up. 

A few hours later I saw that she'd sent me an email. She had a gig for me! When I reached out to her she explained how I should respond, how much I should charge and exactly how I can keep myself from gettin got! Since I'm new to this particular industry, that was just the info I needed-thank you Lord, angels, ancestors and guides!

In between that time I went to the GBI to get a report that I desperately needed. The supervisor came out to let me know there was a weeks-long backlog and there was no way I could get the report today. I remembered her from the last time I had to come to the department and she vaguely remembered me. I sadly explained that I was trying to meet a deadline and Monday was the last day. She said she could try to get it to me by next week but certainly not Monday. I thanked her and we left. We weren't 10 minutes down the road when she called me back, verified the name on the file and told me she'd found it, come back and get my record! Again, the kindness of strangers can not be overstated. If you don't see how much the universe loves and favors you track your miracles! 

Yesterday wasn't all sunshine and lollipops. I had a conversation with a family member that was painful and disappointing. I expected at least some compassion and understanding but what I got was the opposite. So I told him to remember this day, because I was going to do what he said I could not. He was not about to tell me that I am incapable of reading and comprehending and fighting my own battle. 

At the end of the day, my daughter's death will not be in vain. What happened to her was an unnecessary medical tragedy. Whether I get my day in court or not I will advocate for people, especially black women, to know their rights as a patient, to know when you are getting quality care, to know what to do when you are not and to do everything you can to be strong and healthy so you can stay away from the callous, too often heartless medical system. 

Peace and blessings! Wishing many miracles upon you all!!!

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